Things about me...

I like coffee. A lot. 

I love any pastry that involves chocolate or cinnamon. Even better if they are combined.

I watch entirely too much HGTV dreaming about organized, renovated houses I'll never live in.

I like beer. A lot.

I once made a 6ft tall bacon costume and adult sized sock monkey costume. 

I was born and raised in Michigan. (No, not the upper peninsula. The other part shaped like a mitten)

I'm raising two high-spirited children who hate sleep. (see the above mentioned coffee)

I'm married to a guy who does all the laundry & dishes. So, pretty much he is the best.


I love photographing moments in my clients' lives. First smiles as a couple are announced as newly married. Babies in any form. Kids who absolutely don't want to smile. Birthdays, graduations, a random Tuesday night dinner. 

Contact me at and lets grab some coffee.